29 May 2011

the Storry of Biaes

the Storry of Biaes
By Anya

Won day som biaes went for a work and a big hyooj storm came! Bam!
Thai had to go home. And they did. Thai had a nise waum showa and tee.
Ten thai were warm then.
the EnD.

[One day some bears went for a walk and a big huge storm came! Bam!
They had to go home. And they did. They had a nice warm shower and tea.
They were warm then.
The End.]

Anya made this book herself (stapling index cards together) and we just found it lying around.  She also illustrated it with pictures of the bears walking, lightning scaring them, their home, a bear in a shower, and a bear at a table with a tea set.


  1. Awesome! Where are the pictures of the book? Love the phonetic spelling of Aussie accented english.
    Waum showa. I bet there's heaps of adults here that would spell it the same way. Probably bunches where I'm from in Boston that would spell it the same too. :)

  2. Yeah, I totally laughed when I realised the sounds she was spelling... I also have another story where she spells duck as "derc" which I never would have figured out without her illustrations!