03 August 2010

Breaking My Heart Already

Callum's latest trick: he says, "Kiss?" – then puckers his lips up to me, saying, "Mmmm..." – and just as I get to kissing range, he turns away quickly saying, "Too late!" and cackles.

Anya, thrilled by a movie moment, re-enacts it for me at bedtime: "Her breasts went like this!" and jiggles her bottom at me.

Callum saunters off, "I'm going to cuddle Grandma, and then I'm going to cuddle you." As I start to follow him, not sure if I am expected to escort him, he turns, looks over his shoulder and says, "I'll be back in a minute."

Reading Hop on Pop, Callum remarks, "That rhymes!" We've been pointing out rhymes to him for ages but he never seemed to take notice, before. At the end of the book, Anya got inspired to read the endpaper, which features lists of the rhyming words used in the book. Hurray for Dr. Seuss!

We put together our glitter balls pretending they were magic, and each got a wish. Anya whispered, "I wish I were a mermaid." Callum, following her cue, whispered, "I wish I were a king." On hearing this, Anya re-wished, "I wish I were a mermaid and I was the queen of the mermaids."

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