14 June 2010

David's birthday weekend

David's Yum Cha Birthday Lunch

David's birthday was this weekend.  I think he had a good time. 
The weekend started with a big day, driving down the coast to visit a new baby, fitted in between gymnastics, picking up an eBay purchase, and a birthday party for Anya's school friend.  We were home by mid afternoon, but completely exhausted.  The eBay purchase, by the way, was David's birthday present to himself -- a Triton workcentre.

On David's birthday, we had yum cha at Landmark restaurant with our friends, and in the afternoon I made him a birthday cake.  I also used the same recipe to make cupcakes; after the kids had dinner, we put a candle on one cupcake, sang Happy Birthday, and the kids helped David blow out the candle.  They ate the cupcake, too.  Afterwards, we played with sparklers outside.  It was their first sparkler experience and they were enthralled.

It got quite late before we fnished dinner, and both thought we wouldn't have room for cake, but after a brief moment, we both decided perhaps we could squeeze in a bit.  This was the first time I ever made this recipe but it was very tasty -- especially as I increased the amount of vanilla and added a little almond extract as well.  I frosted it with chocolate butter icing.

Today we went to Northbrook Gorge for a short bushwalk (and brought birthday cake).  It was perhaps a bit steep for Callum, but Anya attacked the walk with zest, jumping and scrambling and clambering, and leading the way whenever she could.  It's been a long time since we went there, but Northbrook Gorge is so beautiful, definitely one of my favorite places in Brisbane.  Anya and Callum mainly enjoyed throwing rocks in the pool, which is great for a swim in hotter weather.  I was hoping to spot the eel that lives in the pool, who usually comes over to nibble on picnickers' crumbs, but what with all the rock-throwing, he was probably far far away.

Northbrook Gorge

Northbrook Gorge

Northbrook Gorge


  1. OMG. He's starting to look like , this guy: ( http://www.imdb.com/media/rm1994234112/tt0358332 from Queer Eye For The Straight Guy.

    So, no sword in the cake this year? That was fun last year! : )

  2. ... and the woman on his left appears to be asleep. : )