10 May 2010

Guest Post: Good morning, cars!

[this post was written by David]
My son usually gets up early each morning to go to the toilet. He always wants his mum to take him, but Elaine and I alternate. It's always a struggle to stop him from crying, "I want Mama!" and waking everyone up when it's my turn with him.

I jolly him along as much as I can during the whole process - anything to avoid a meltdown. This morning, he calmed down reasonably quickly, but after his business was finished, he took out his dummy and said, "Can we go look at cars on the road?"

I looked at his face, all ready to scrunch up into tears and bellows of protest and quickly said, "We'll look at one car, and then back to bed, OK?" He agreed.

All this might help to explain why, if you were the person driving along Frasers Road in Mitchelton at a quarter to five this morning, you encountered a bloke in boxer shorts and a two-year-old boy standing on the footpath, both waving at you like lunatics. And thanks for waving back, too.

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  1. Oh man, I nearly choked on some cake I was eating, I was laughing so hard. Nice one.