23 February 2010

Queen of the Ziploc Bag

I'm feeling like such a MOM lately. My parents used Ziploc bags a lot, but with my green tendencies, I was trying to avoid them. You know, less plastic, save the planet, etc. However, as a parent, I now find that these bags are just the thing. (And to salve my green conscience, we wash and reuse them until they are totally worn out.) I started off using them only for food -- an easy way to take along snacks on the go. Then I branched out into other useful kid-related items, like a handful of wipes (so I don't have to lug around a whole container). Now I've gone bag-crazy and use them for: wet/squishy toiletries (amazing how often I need to bring sunblock, shampoo and soap!); hair elastics; tampons (men can avert their mental eyes here); mobile phone (when it's raining); pills; band-aids (my mini first aid kit)...

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