21 January 2010


The evolution of a fad in our household can sometimes take some strange turns. Our kids are already, for some strange reason, enamoured of bats (see the post about the Baby Bat game). Combine this with a memory for that nutty song, Banana Phone, and what do you get?

First David showed them a YouTube video of Banana Phone, and they begged for repeat viewings. Why this video is so appealing, I'm not sure.

Next, out of desperation for a change, I showed them another YouTube video, which was listed in the "related videos" to the side. From there we hopped from video to video, almost all featuring babies with real faces and cartoon bodies, singing parodied versions of actual songs, usually about poo or farts. (Thanks a lot, Flowgo...not!) One of these was less scatological and merely featured a baby Batman, which they loved and wanted over and over.

David then decided to show them old Batman TV episodes from the sixties, and I followed that up with Batman and Spiderman cartoons. They totally don't care that the videos look so grainy and discoloured, especially on our large screen HD TV!

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