22 December 2009

Christmas Wonder

Much has been made in other blogs, tweets, and articles about kids and Christmas over-anticipation, hype, and excess sugar consumption... in our house so far, the Christmas fuss has been pretty low key. We're not grinches; it's more that we have been a bit slow to gear up. So far the moments of Christmas wonder this season have been:

Anya turning out the lights, pulling a chair to the middle of the room, and sitting down to gaze in awe at the tree, saying, "I could watch this for hours!"

Callum and Anya running around in front of the bubble machine, dancing polar bear, and fog machine at a local Christmas lights contestant's house.

Visiting Santa at Myer's department store and not knowing what to say when Santa asked what they were hoping to get for Christmas.

Anya gravely informing me that Santa has two lists. This following on from discussion of a show, "Little Angels," about a real family with discipline/sleep/naughtiness issues.

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