14 August 2009

Potty Season

I have been rather slack about potty training the second time around. Anya was placed on a potty repeatedly from 18 months of age (months and months of extra work and stress!) but didn't become fully trained until one day I decided to try the "no nappy" technique (requires an easy-cleaning house or staying outside). From there it only took TWO DAYS and she was trained. With Callum, I have been waiting for warmer weather so I can do the same thing. Well, Anya has pre-empted me! I heard from Raema that yesterday, Callum followed Anya into the toilet (the bathroom). The next thing she knew, Anya bustled out of the toilet, got the potty, ran back, and when Raema came along to investigate, she found that Anya had removed Callum's nappy (diaper) and sat him on the potty, and was coaching him!

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