29 July 2009

A Big Serve of Yuck

I’ve been out of commission recently due to a revolting stomach bug. I never realised how much of my time I spend thinking about food, anticipating what to buy, cook and eat next, until I was limited to “plain food” which I hate and which was making me sick anyway. I was thrilled tonight to sit down with a proper serving of pasta with Bolognese sauce (although I put on much less sauce, butter and oil than usual, to be on the safe side). If I made a mistake in doing this, I’ll know in about an hour...

Meanwhile, Anya has been making up for me, by eating about three times as much as she normally does. I thought at first that she was just being greedy about snacks, but she was happy to have second and third helpings of the meals themselves, and seems to be eating all day. I wonder if she will suddenly shoot up in size next week (like Jack’s beanstalk)?

Callum, of course, has always been a big eater. He reportedly had three helpings of pumpkin and spinach pasta at Kindercraft yesterday, so I begged Pin (the chef) for the recipe: mashed pumpkin, thickened cream, salt & pepper for the sauce, with baby spinach mixed in. Amazing! She is a great cook and always seems to come up with dishes the kids all like. She even makes mild curry for them!

In other developments (not to talk about food endlessly!) Callum has still been trying to learn how to jump. He pumps up and down but doesn’t quite get that he is supposed to bend his legs first. (Maybe if I dangled some food on a stick above him!) He loves trying to do the same circus tricks that Anya and I practice at home: flying (my feet on her hips while I hold her hands), rolling (he did some great sideways rolling in a rage this evening), even holding a chair up with his legs (when he saw Anya doing it, he immediately carried the other small chair in from the other room, and tried to do the same thing).

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