07 October 2007

Cycle Crazy

Today David got up at 5 am and rode 100 km along with 5000 other people in the "Wilson HTM Brisbane to Gold Coast Cycle Challenge" (here's a map of the route). I managed to pack a bunch of necessities and hit the road (with Callum and Anya) by 9:30 to meet him down there and pick him up. He was done by 10:30, similar to last year's effort, despite worries that he'd lost fitness.

Afterwards, we met up with my friend Mel, who recently moved to Miami Beach. I was amused to note that she lives on Santa Monica Road (intersected by Redondo Avenue). Mel is Australian, but like me, lived in LA for a few years. (I even lived in Redondo Beach for a while, but never lived in Santa Monica.)

It's been a pretty big visiting weekend -- yesterday we also visited both David's brothers Don and Rob at their respective homes. Both families have been away together, camping on Fraser Island and finishing with a few days at the Peregian Beach units.

Anya had a great time swimming in Don's pool and playing with him (Ann Maree and the kids had gone out before we arrived, but came home in time for the latter part of our visit). She loves going to different places and looking around. In the evening we were at Rob's, and Anya ran around the house with her other cousins at a mad pace.

Everyone enjoyed holding Callum and "chatting" with him. I'm continually amazed at how much all the kids love babies. The day really brought home to me, as well, what an easy baby Callum is compared to how Anya was. He (gasp!) goes to sleep by himself sometimes when you put him down!

He's getting really big -- long, not fat, that is. At his first checkup this week he measured 58 cm long (head to toe), which apparently puts him in the 75th percentile for his age. I've noticed with dismay that he's already outgrowing the baby carrier which he sleeps in (rather than a bassinet). It was my plan to have him in it for about 4 months, but it looks like I'll have to come up with a new plan.

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