03 August 2007

Art Opening

My friend Helen had her first ever gallery opening tonight:


About 18 months ago we started getting together and doing art at her place or mine. It got tricky to schedule so we didn't keep up a regular practice, but it certainly kick-started her art engine! I haven't been as productive, but it was good fun and got me back in touch with my arty self. I also learned screen printing from Helen (and she kindly loaned me some equipment).

When I get more spare time again (who knows when that will be!) I hope to get my watercolor painting skills back up to scratch. It was appalling how poorly my few painting attempts went when I tried. In the last decade or so I've barely painted at all, mostly honing my skills in sketching (in my journal). I do have some thoughts about doing some childrens' books. I've always loved them for their beautiful art (which I couldn't really compete with) but the vast majority seem really poorly written to me.

Also around the time of our art afternoons, I got really inspired about trying to do a graphic novel version of a C. S. Lewis novel (Out of the Silent Planet) and made up quite a few panels, but didn't finish the story because I had to return the book to the library (lame reason, I know...) At the time I was thinking it would be cool as a present for my nieces and nephews. Maybe someday I'll finish it.

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