16 April 2007

Huggy Monster

This has been the week of “I want ____” and “Mine!” (even said while taking something clearly mine, that I was in the middle of using or eating). Also “I need some ice” for every little itch and bump. (Must admit, though, ice does have great powers.)

Last week saw the rise of the “huggy monster” who runs full pelt up to her victim and hugs their legs/arms/etc. She’s also greatly enjoyed going “boo!” and “rarrrr!” while menacing with curled fingers.

Anya's favorite book at the moment is a library book by Terry Pratchett, Where’s My Cow? The main character, Sam Vines (a DiscWorld character) comes home every night to read Where’s My Cow? to his son. Over the course of reading out the story, Sam starts to think how silly you’d have to be to confuse a chicken with a cow. He then alters the story to be Where’s My Daddy? and introduces a number of other DiscWorld characters such as Foul Ole Ron and Coffin’ Henry. Anya loves this idea so much that we play it all the time, even without the book.

Anya spent a day at home with David after the Easter break, because she was getting over a mystery illness (developed a fever with no other symptoms except for a loss of appetite). By the next day, she was back to her normal routine, although still not sleeping or eating completely normally. But I’ve noticed since then that she’s much more willing to do things with David and have him take care of her. It is amazing what one day can do!

She’s also really fond of Karen, the group leader at Kindercraft, and actually cried about not going with her, when I took her home last week. I was astonished, as it’s usually the other way around!

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