18 December 2006

Big news

We're pregnant! This was our third try, and we implanted 2 embryos this time to increase the odds of success. I was just starting to feel defeated, and wondering at what stage we would give up, so I was surprised when the test came out positive. Wow! (Now I just hope I don't have twins...) The due date is calculated as 38 weeks from the moment of fertilisation, which makes it mid August.

For the curious, the IVF timeline was:
  • 23-Aug...start treatment (nasal spray)
  • 28-Aug...start injections (twice daily in the tummy, self-administered)
  • 11-Sep...egg pick up (13 eggs)
  • 13-Sep...1 embryo transferred, remainder frozen
  • 20-Oct...1 frozen embryo transferred
  • 24-Nov...2 frozen embryos transferred

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