02 November 2006

The Punishing Schedule

For my own amusement I've set out the punishing and rigorous schedule that Anya followed today:
3 am - cry suddenly and get taken into Mama's bed [in Anya's defense, this is an unusual occurrence]
6 am - toss and turn until Mama wakes up
6:30 - visit Grandma's bedroom and potter around the unit on important bubby matters
7 am - eat half a bowl of porridge, then abandon it
7:30 - eat some of Mama's pancakes
8:30 - the beach: digging, and flirt with the notion of swimming
10 am - visit the downstairs unit, and insist on bringing 2 more pint-sized chairs back upstairs
10:30 - playing with the table out on the balcony, accidentally fall over backwards hitting head on the railing post; cry lots then abruptly demand to see the Wiggles
10:45 - get into Grandma's lap, snuggle in and fall asleep
12:15 - lunch: 2 entire bananas, few slices of cheese, and peanut butter (leave bread for future amusement)
1 pm - drawing
1:30 - bottle of milk
2:30 - the beach again: running straight into the waves with joyous abandon; getting in and out of the "bath" (a hole Mama and Grandma dug)
3:30 - afternoon snack: inspect sandwiches like a customs officer (do not eat)
4 pm - more drawing, followed by a good cleaning of all chairs, tables, balcony railings, etc. [I kid you not!]
6 pm - dinner
7:30 - bottle of milk and out like a light

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